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Company Profile

Applied Analysis Corp. (AAC) was formed in March 1990 to offer quality nuclear engineering consulting services based on the extensive design and engineering analysis experience of its founder and president, Mr. Juan M. Cajigas.

Our engineering and management staff specializes in nuclear safety analysis and design, technical program development and management, regulatory compliance, engineering software development, and engineering quality assurance.

AAC’s experience, accumulated through many projects for commercial and government clients, includes:

  • Radiological Engineering

  • Alternate Source Term Implementation

  • Thermal Hydraulic Analysis

  • Power Uprate Implementation

  • Systems simulation and analysis

  • System design and design basis reconstitution

  • Steam Generator Replacement

  • Design modifications

  • Software engineering and quality assurance

  • Nuclear safety reviews

  • Technical audits and engineering quality assurance

  • Licensing and regulatory compliance

The company staff averages over 35 years experience in the design and analysis of nuclear facilities including PWRs, BWRs, and government research and production facilities.  The staff’s education includes BS and MS degrees in nuclear engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, and physics.  Corporate practical design and analysis experience also includes the fields of electrical engineering, I & C engineering, and computer science.

AAC’s unique combination of expertise in nuclear system design and analysis with practical experience in nuclear operations and licensing support has been instrumental in offering technically sound and cost effective engineering solutions for our clients.

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