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Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of Systems and Components

Our experienced Thermal Hydraulic Team performs and manages a wide range of tasks in thermo-fluid design and analysis of systems and components, including accident safety analysis, such as:​

  • Thermal hydraulic analysis of nuclear reactor and process systems.  Fluid system thermal hydraulic analysis including steady state hydraulic modeling and transient analysis of single and two-phase systems.   Water hammer analysis, fluid induced pipe loads calculations, and root cause investigations.

  • Nuclear reactor thermal hydraulic analyses associated with postulated accidents and transients including containment and sub-compartment pressure and temperature response, system's thermo-fluid response to pipe breaks or single failures.  Experience with codes such as GOTHIC, RELAP5, PIPE-FLO, and others.  Fluid-structure interaction calculations, such as jet impingement, related to pipe breaks.  Also, BWR hydrodynamic suppression pool loads analyses and evaluations.

  • Thermal system and/or component analysis.   Multi-dimensional/combined mode steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis.   Equipment transient thermal lag analysis.  Post-incident room transient temperature calculations.  Heat exchanger performance calculations.  Cooling ponds, spray ponds, and cooling tower thermal design and analysis.  Refrigeration system's performance analysis.

  • Thermo-fluid calculations for piping system erosion/corrosion programs including use of the commercial nuclear industry's CHECKMATE software code.

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