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Reactor Pump Motor Oversight Services

AAC’s 30-year plus Motor - Generator – Excitation – OEM Vendor - Experienced staff professionals have performed:

  • National & International 3rd party Oversight & Surveillance of Newly Manufactured Reactor Recirculation Pump Motors.


  • International 3rd party Oversight & Surveillance of Control Rod Drive Motor Manufacturing and Fabrication.

  • National 3rd party Oversight & Surveillance of RHR Pump Motor Stator Decontamination & Motor Rewind.

  • Outage work project management experience specializing in the rewind, refurbishment, installation and maintenance of high voltage motor, exciter, and generator projects.

  • Staff can assist creating and implementing nuclear procedures; along with setting up employee training processes.​

  • Outlined surveillance and quality hold points along with verification to OEM standards during motor rewind projects. Talented to assisted shop staff with scheduling and improvement recommendations. Can work with various vendors for proper part ordering and replacements.

  • Available to assist with rotor balance and vibration testing; all to conform to the most rigorous nuclear standards for “Safety & Non-Safety Related” nuclear motors.

  • Geared to completing projects on time and within budget.

  • Staff has been enlisted by Exelon Corporation as a GE Nuclear Reactor Recirculation Pump Motor – Control Rod Drive motor RME.

  • Staff also enlisted by Talen Energy as multiple RME’s for Reactor Recirculation, RHR, and MG Set maintenance and rewind surveillance/oversight engineers throughout the years.

  • AAC can supply Motor/Generator RME engineering workforce to aid and oversee Drywell RRPM motor movements. This would normally entail the removal of the older RRPM motor while a new replacement recirculation pump was exchanged. Mechanical, visual, and electrical testing is typically surveyed or witnessed. Final motor alignment and commissioning once the pump replacement was completed are tasks the staff can assist and help oversee. AAC can also support a 24/7 coverage program and completed nuclear safely service for these types of motor or MG Set projects.

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